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I am a young Serbian gamer and a male (in that order), who lives in Belgrade with his brother and attends Belgrade university.

Deconstructing possible plot excuses for not including playable female characters in Deep Down

So Capcom came out and said that there will be no playable female characters in their new MMO game Deep Down. I just finished reading the responses on this by Wundergeek and Brenna Hillier. After reading the above linked articles … Continue reading

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Criticizing Feminist Frequency: Veronica Mars

So the next post on the Feminist Frequency website is called: Why we need you Veronica Mars! So the first thing wrong with this post in my opinion is the fact that in the video Sarkeesian keeps experimenting with how … Continue reading

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Criticizing Feminist Frequency: Dollhouse vs Terminator

So the first thing Anita Sarkeesian did under the Feminist Frequency banner that she still keeps on her Youtube channel and her website is called: Dollhouse renewed? Why not Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles? .Also a disclosure of bias: I have … Continue reading

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Criticizing Feminist Frequency: Introduction

This is an introduction to a series of articles I will do that deal with criticizing the series of blog posts and videos known as Feminist Frequency. So why am I doing a series of post that deal with criticizing … Continue reading

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Misandry and Misogyny, the divide and conquer tag team of privilige abuse

Privilege (social inequality) is a way of framing issues surrounding social inequality, focusing as much on the advantages that one group accrues from society as on disadvantages that another group experiences. As a group role privilege differs from conditions of … Continue reading

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The division and current issues with the RPG genre

OK so a while back I watched two episodes of Extra Credits that were called Western & Japanese RPGs where they explained the differences between these two types of RPG stemming from the different cultural traits of American and Japanese … Continue reading

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Fanservice in video games: an example of doing it right and doing it wrong

OK so after I watched the April DmC trailer and an old preview for Bayonetta on The Angry Joe Show something occurred to me: I finally had an example I could point to to explain that fanservice is not a … Continue reading

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