Deconstructing possible plot excuses for not including playable female characters in Deep Down

So Capcom came out and said that there will be no playable female characters in their new MMO game Deep Down. I just finished reading the responses on this by Wundergeek and Brenna Hillier. After reading the above linked articles all I could think about was the various excuses the developers could give themselves and others for excluding the option for half the worlds population to be represented as playable characters in their MMO and how and why each of the excuses are wrong. So I am going to write each of the excuses I think the developers of Deep Down could use and then I will write why they are wrong.

If I understand what I have read of the plot of Deep Down so far the player character will either be time traveling back into the past of the city using their psychometry and playing trough the dungeon as one of the people who lived in the city back in the 15th century or will get stuck in the city after the prologue and have to rely on armor and weapons found in the city for survival.

Neither of these story options explain why they don’t have playable female characters for the dungeoncrawling sections. The excuses they could use to say no to playable female characters that I can think of are:

1)The dungeoncrawling is in the urban fantasy (circa 15th century Czech republic territory) style.

My answer to this is: Yeah OK you should then have more male characters then female characters doing the dungeon crawling, but even if you are going for historical realism of 15th century Czech republic territory but add magic in this one town thing that still does not justify not having playable female characters for the dungeon crawling. If a city in the 15th century Europe found itself under attack the troops stationed there to defend it would be primary male (most mercenary and military bands back then were always male with some having a couple of women warriors in them) and the militia of the city itself would have more men then women in its ranks, but it would have women in its ranks during a crisis if not in peace time as during a siege or other 15th century problems that required a city’s militia for resolution there would be an increase in women under arms if for no other reason then for their own safety.

Now since this is realistic 15th century city suffering an attack by magical beasts I take it you will also include the civil problems of the 15th century Czech territory as stuff like sexism, classism, rape culture, racism (it used to be between different kinds of Europeans back then, Jews and Roma usually got the worst of it, Roma still get some of the worst of it), city court intrigues, etc?

2)The dungeoncrawling is in full on fantastical 15th century Czech territory city.

My answer to this is the standard feminist response of then why are you not courting half of the human population by adding playable female characters in your fantasy setting?

3)The dungeoncrawling will be done by the member(s) of the Ravens that gets stuck in the city and has to rely on the equipment they find in the city to survive it.

My answer to that is: So is psychometry something only men can have because of biochemistry? You are aware that for the most part human biochemistry is gender neutral and that if for some reason psychometry is something that requires XY chromosome configuration then there are several different ways to write female characters that still have such abilities: write someone like Caster Semenya or some other intersex female (a person who is intersex biologically but identifies as having a female gender) or write an XX woman who finds a way to gain and maintain psychometry trough a regiment of drugs and/or full-body or neuro modding.

Also if you are writing only male characters because biochemistry is there at least going to be an option to play as an XX male who completed their own body transition and took up psychometry as it was something he was interested in?

If your reason for having an all male Ravens is that its the Ravens internal code to only accept male psychometers then can we have the Ravens as politically incorrect villains instead and get a group that accepts psychometers of all genders to be the hero faction then?

4) We did not think off adding female characters to the game in preproduction and now it is to expansive to do so.

My answer to this is: First of all fail faster. Then if you do not have character customization in Deep Down add a few female character options it will cost you the same amount to add a new female character as it will cost you to add a new male character. If you do have customization options for characters then why did you not add an option for female characters to begin with?

Also no it will not cost you twice as much to add female character options into the game now as you can just mod the existing armor models, movement and attack animations and apply them to female characters to keep the cost down, it will still add to the cost. Oh and if your answer that it will cost twice as much to add female characters to the game now because you have to make completely new armor models, movement and attack animations for female characters then my answer to that is a question of why? When it comes to combat in real life men and women use the same weapons and armors just adjusted for their body type. Also what kind of programmers do you have that cant mod a set of armor models or attack and movements animations?

So those are the excuses I can think of that the dev team of Deep Down could use and my responses that show why none of them are a good justification for excluding female characters. If I have missed something about the plot of Deep Down or statements about whether it will have playable female characters or if I have just built a strawman argument somewhere in this article point it out to me in the comments.


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