Criticizing Feminist Frequency: Veronica Mars

So the next post on the Feminist Frequency website is called: Why we need you Veronica Mars!

So the first thing wrong with this post in my opinion is the fact that in the video Sarkeesian keeps experimenting with how zoomed in the camera is on her face and using her face being really close to the camera as a way to emphasize the statements she makes. Trying to emphasize your words by zooming in on your face can work for some people, but I’ve always found it just plain annoying.

Now the second thing Sarkeesian did wrong was saying that she would do a vlog about how horribly bad the show handled the themes of sexual violence that it tried to deal with and then she never did do an article or a vlog on that topic, in all fairness she does touch on the topic of sexual violence in popular culture in some of her later posts, but she never fully went into detail about everything that is wrong with the portrayal of sexual violence on Veronica Mars. That said she did leave links in the post itself to articles by other people that do deal with how the topic of sexual violence was handled in the show itself, but YMMV as to whether the articles do a good job of criticizing the show’s failing with the topic of sexual violence.

Sarkeesian does give a good and brief description of what she found good in the show and what she found bad in the show. As far as my own opinion she did give enough information about to show for people to know whether or not they are going to watch it. One last thing she failed to do however is give us an example of the bad parts of the show in the form of a clip (she did give example clips for the good parts).


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