Criticizing Feminist Frequency: Introduction

This is an introduction to a series of articles I will do that deal with criticizing the series of blog posts and videos known as Feminist Frequency.

So why am I doing a series of post that deal with criticizing one of the currently most famous feminist blogs? Because I need to exercise my skills in critical thinking on feminist topics and there is no way anything I say on the topic of Anita Sarkeesian’s work that will lead to her suddenly dropping of the internet and stopping production on her Feminist Frequency series. Sarkeesian has a good network of friends and family that support her, she has one tough backbone and has weathered one of the worst internet backdrafts in several years. So criticizing her work is safe for a beginner to do without causing a mess or damaging her ability to make her own content.

This is also the sad truth: many feminists will be driven of the internet trough insults and treating them like acceptable targets for rape and death threats. Many more will simply become tired of the constant fighting and go silent so that they can keep their own piece of mind. We live in a world where it is OK to wish rape and murder on someone just because of the things that they said and that is not something I would ever call a good thing.

I also have a desire to criticize sexist content for the misandry that is in it and I find that Sarkeesian does not focus on that part of the problem with sexism. So this series will not just serve as a criticism of Sarkeesian’s work but also a look at the damage that some of the  sexist stuff she has criticized does to men.


About dmol8

I am a young Serbian gamer and a male (in that order), who lives in Belgrade with his brother and attends Belgrade university.
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